Toxicology Testing

GLR offers the following Standard Toxicology studies to fulfill regulatory requirements. We also undertake other Non-standard and Investigative studies to address any specific toxicology issues. Please contact us for any of your specific requirements.

A.   Structural Activity Relationship

B.  Short Term Studies

Acute Oral Toxicity – Rat
Acute Toxicity Studies by IV-Rat
Acute Toxicity Studies by SC-Rat
Acute oral toxicity MTD/LD50 in Rat
Acute Oral Toxicity –Mice
Acute Toxicity Studies by IV in Mice
Acute Toxicity Studies by SC in Mice
Acute toxicity MTD/LD50 by IP in Mice
Acute oral toxicity MTD/LD50 in Mice
Primary skin Irritation-Rabbit
Acute Eye Irritation-Rabbit
Acute Dermal Toxicity

C.   Repeated Dose Studies

Oral, Dermal, IV, SC, IP in Mice and Rats
Skin Sensitization - direct application in Guinea pigs
Reproductive Toxicology

D.   Genetic and in vitro Toxicology

Bacterial reverse mutation test-Ames Test
In vitro Mammalian Chromosome Aberration-Human lymphocyte, CHO
In vivo Micronucleus Test –Mice
In vivo Mammalian Chromosome Aberration
Mouse Lymphoma assay
In vitro and in vivo Comet assay
In vitro micronucleus assay
In vivo bolt-on genetic toxicology assays

E.   Other Biocompatibility Studies for Medical Devices

Implantation in Rat- 1 week
Implantation in Rat- 2 weeks
Implantation in Rat- 4 weeks
Implantation Rabbit - 1 week
Implantation Rabbit - 2 weeks
Implantation Rabbit - 4 weeks
Implantation Rabbit - 12 weeks

F.   Ecotoxicologys

Studies in Fish, Daphnia, algae and earth worm



  • High Quality, Cost Effective Testing
  • General, Genetic, in-vitro and Eco-toxicology
  • Mechanistic and Investigative Toxicology


  • Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
  • 3rd Party Study Monitoring


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  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Regulatory and Scientific Consultations

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